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Wings Cafe Showcases Aviation Art & Interior Design

The highly anticipated Wings Cafe at the Fullerton Airport officially opened October 10. Owned and operated by long-time local restaurateurs Brian and Sherri White, Wings offers deliciously prepared American diner food seven days a week. The new restaurant is also a feast for the eyes! Every aspect of its customized interior – from ceiling, light fixtures, fans, art, high top tables, booths and floor – features authentic aviation elements and vintage artifacts. If you love airplanes, art or architecture – or first class food served in an extraordinary environment, drive or fly to Orange County’s KFUL.

Fullerton's terminal and tower bear Wings new sign

Fullerton’s terminal and tower bear Wings new sign

Every aspect of Wings’ interior – floor, ceiling, lights, seating, tables and art – features airplane elements and previews the amazing aviation-foodie experience awaiting patrons inside this special diner.

Wings is located at 4011 Airport Drive, in the middle of Fullerton. Its large, vertical sign – mounted to a replica plane wing – is easy to spot. Cleverly marked with tail number N-4011, we knew we’d arrived at the right place.

Wings' free-standing, custom sign signals your arrival (and offers a great selfie spot!)

Perfect selfie spot!

As we opened the restaurant door, we were greeted by Wings’ enormous glass entry revealing its highly stylized aviation design. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the signature lighted runway extending the length of the restaurant. The poured concrete runway with runway edge, centre line and end lighting, is a design showstopper in an already impressive interior.

The poured concrete runway with runway edge, centreline and end lighting, is a design showstopper in an already impressive interior.

A video screen mounted inside the nose cone of a F-86 Sabre fighter jet playing  black and white vintage aviation films play against a backdrop of red lights.

A F-86 Sabre nose cone plays black and white vintage aviation films.

Wings sports two aviation themed tables. In the ‘runway room,’ high top bar tables constructed of plane wing parts sit on the kitchen side of the runway. The rectangular, glass bar-tops allows diners to admire their craft, structure and colorful presence.

Custom wing tables with glass tops.

Wings ceiling is cleverly crafted with an alternating pattern of corrugated aluminum panels, symbolic of the materials used to construct hangars. Alternating between bright, silvery ’tiles’ and antique, rusted ones, the ceiling brings the industrial, modern vibe full circle with its colorful presence and textural qualities.
Oxidized, etched corrugated metal ceiling tiles and pendant lights with Edison bulbs.

Oxidized, etched corrugated metal ceiling tiles and pendant lights with Edison bulbs.

 In the sun room, spacious leather booths line the walls and look out over the tarmac and majestic mountains beyond. We were captivated by the aged brown leather and reflective, metal plated end caps.

Even the booth end caps with riveted metal panels evoke airplane design.

Once settled, we quickly fiddled with the integrated instrument panels to listen to the control tower pilot chatter.

Each booth is equipped with a radio control to tune into the tower chatter

Some booths have radios connected to the tower.

Expansive window views invite lingering.

Expansive window views invite lingering.

Sherri recommended we try the famous chili cheese omelet. Made with “grandpa’s special homemade recipe,” it was packed with flavor and delicious chili goodness! Sides included crisp hash browns and biscuits and gravy.
Wings' famous chili-cheese omelette.

Wings’ famous chili-cheese omelette.

Biscuits and Gravy

A side of biscuits and gray is served with breakfast entrees.

We also ordered classic Eggs Benedict, served with a side of fresh berries. And of course, our lunch (it really was lunch despite our breakfast fare!) was complete with two Betty IPAs from Hangar 24 Brewery, one of a half-dozen craft beers currently poured from this local favorite.

Classic breakfast fare! Delicous eggs benedict with fresh berries.

Classic brunch fare!

Love the aviation themed brews! Wings offers craft beers including Hangar 24 Betty IPA.

Hangar 24 craft beers perfect addition!

Thanks to our intrepid Southern California foodies Kyle and Alex for braving opening day crowds to send photos of Wings Cafe’s spectacular new setting!

Thanks to Kyle and Alex for braving opening day crowds to send photos of Wings Cafe's spectacular new setting!

Kyle Niner, CGS and Alex Burkhardt, Studio One Eleven

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  • Steve Lowry says:

    I grew up just down the street at 4th St. and Marshall Ave. and can remember riding my bike many times down 4th St. to go see the airplanes take off. The Fullerton airport was a part of my young life growing up and that’s what makes this restaurant such a joy to me. So many memories, excellent food, so much fun to come relive the airport. The history and memories are everywhere. Thank you so much!

  • Don Kindred says:

    What a beautiful restaurant!! Congratulations on bringing such personality and avaiation culture to Fullerton!
    I was an employee of the original Fullerton Airport Restaurant while I went to Buena Park High School back in 1966-67. Dish washing, bussing and cooking for $1.30 an hour!

  • Brent says:

    Love hearing about this fascinating new restaurant from the reviewer’s architectural perspective. It sounds like a great addition to the Fullerton food scene.

  • linda says:

    We love Wings and are so glad to have Sherri and Brian in Fullerton.
    They are great for breakfast and will be opening for dinner soon.
    Oh and the street it is located on is Commonwealth.

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