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Video: Air Fare America Sizzle

For most people, airports are places to start a journey, not destinations in themselves. But outside large commercial airports, lies a world waiting to be discovered! Off the beaten path, local airports are often treasure troves of art, architecture, antiques and adventure. And food. Thousands of amazing restaurants: In terminals, off the tarmac or in hangars alongside the field.

Our hosts – a pilot, picker and chef – will soon touch down at America’s general aviation (GA) airports. We’ll whet your appetite for the food, flights and history found behind ‘the fence.’ We’ll go into kitchens, behind hangar doors and up in the air to introduce you to amazing travel experiences awaiting pilots and non-aviators alike!

Please view our teaser for a view into what is Air Fare America.

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  • john misner says:

    I took my first flight at age 3 or 4 in a J3-Cub in Waterloo, Iowa. I don’t remember my exact age but I do remember that flight and the Cub. I know I wasn’t in school yet and I remember begging a relative so much to ride in his airplane that he finally took me up flying off a grass field in his Cub with a window open. I rode my bike to the airfield many times in my youth just to watch aircraft take off and land for hours on end. I built and flew dozens of balsa wood model airplanes. I got my private at age 16 and commercial, instrument and multiengine ratings in an Apache at age 21 just after college and as soon as I earned enough money. Airfields, restaurants, food, hangars, flying and aircraft have held my close attention for many years. I’m looking forward to your show episodes and I enjoy your FB and website comments and related items.

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