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Air Fare America Seeks Three High-Flying Hosts

Aviation-themed travel show in development now casting for a pilot, a picker and a chef

Washington, D.C., September 8, 2014 – The producers of Air Fare America, a new multi-platform travel series in development, announced that they are casting for three prospective hosts and posted an online application form for interested candidates. An original program, Air Fare America combines three of television’s most successful genres – food, travel, and treasure hunting (also called “picking”) – in an entertaining format that reveals the fly-in destinations that pilots have frequented for years, but are practically unknown to the general public.

The three hosts and respective personality traits sought are:

  • Pilot: An enthusiastic adventure-seeker, very experienced and highly rated; interested in flying all types of aircraft
  • Chef: Outgoing and personable; skilled cook eager to explore local airport restaurants and challenge the chef’s menu with a new and tasty signature dish
  • Picker/Hangar Rat: Knowledgeable and passionate; an aviation junkie with desire to discover the gems and hidden treasures found on the fields and in the hangars

Candidates must complete the online form and provide a head shot, a resume, and biographical statement describing their interest, credentials and any on-camera experience. Visit for information and to apply.


Media Inquiries

CONTACT:    Brent Burkhardt, 410.330.3907

About Air Fare America

Air Fare America inspires aviation, food and travel enthusiasts to experience our nation’s treasure-trove of local airports, restaurants and attractions — on the ground and in the air. Air Fare America brings the fun of food, flying and travel together in a single destination for both aviation lovers and the larger community.

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  • Barry Schultz says:

    Since you’re local, stop by 2W5, Maryland Airport (Indian Head). History lives here… really. Sunday the place becomes the “Old Pilot Day Care Center” with the oldest showing up, and until recently still flying, at 90 years old. The table is full of donuts, cookies, nuts and the like. Usually someone cooks up a crock pot of something… chili, soup, dip, and even in bad weather, hot dogs are on the grill. Technically, we don’t have a restaurant, just food. And for picking? There are a couple hangars that are ripe. The place itself was built by German POW’s from WWII and it’s been owned/operated by the same family since it was established in ’45. We’re at 3900 Livingston Rd, Indian Head, MD 20640

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