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Monthly Archives: June 2015

AOPA HQ Welcomes Aviators

by Hillel Glazer Talking about the weather is usually not a good sign in polite conversation. It usually means there’s nothing better to talk about. However when it comes to aviation the weather is a highly interesting topic—if not outright critical. On this day even more relevant. AOPA’s homecoming fly-in was under threat of unpleasant…

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Perspective: AOPA Homecoming

by Allie Hoyt Perspective. It can be easy to lose sight of it in aviation. Whether flight has simply become routine, or more unfortunately, an aggravation, the shine has a tendency to wear off. The AOPA Homecoming Fly-In made a strong effort to restore the luster of flying, using exhibitors, speakers, and aerial demonstrations to drive…

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Pilots, Pork & Country Music

— 5th Annual Tennessee BBQ Celebrates Aviation Beech-style — Fifty Beechcraft airplanes from a dozen states touched down at DKX on Saturday May 30 for the 5th Annual BeechTalk Downtown Knoxville Airport BBQ. Hosted by Tennessee resident and favorite son Max Grogan, 100 pilots and aviation buffs enjoyed a Southern barbecue feast. Grogan, who hangars his F35 Beechcraft Bonanza at…

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