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There are thousands of local airports in the U.S., each surrounded by great dining, treasure hunting, and aviation adventures. Join us on the hunt as we uncover every last one of these hidden gems.
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Food Trucks, FBOs & Veterans Land in 2016

As we ring out the old, and ring in the new, we took stock of new restaurants and cafes that opened at local airports in 2016. From classic diners and Oprah’s favorite pie company to craft beer and fine dining, dozens of new restaurants landed at local airports in 2016. Here’s a round-up of 18 that…

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Emerald Isle Flying

With people around the world planning St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this week, our thoughts turned to general aviation in Ireland. After reading Colm Farrell’s wonderful post Flying in Ireland – with spectacular aerial photos of the Emerald Isle like the Cliffs of Moher – we discovered there are 210 airstrips on this island of 6.4 million people.*   Detailed information on the country’s airports can be found…

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Hallowed Aviation Grounds

When historian Carter Woodson and minister Jesse Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, they not only documented and promoted achievements by black Americans, but they also laid the foundation for Black History Month. Today, 40 years after President Gerald Ford called on citizens to “seize the opportunity to honor…

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13 High Flying Breweries

A Twitter exchange with pilot, CTO and beer enthusiast Sam Wiltzius – along with a recent article by Ian Livingston in USA Today’s Road Warriors – propelled us to dive deeper into aviation beer pairings. (We covered aviation and wine in this May post.) A $20 billion industry, the passion fueling the craft beer market is equal only to the passion driving pilots for…

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

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